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Expelled | Encounters with refugees

Refugees - Child in Zataari camp, Jordan © Tom Rübenach

As the western countries are discussing about refugees and the causes for the worldwide migration I came across a blog post I wrote some years ago when the Syrian crisis started. Meanwhile millions have fled their home country; back then I have met the forst several thousands in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Read what some of them told me when we met.

Refugees | We would never call it home

Refugees queuing for water in Zaatari © Tom Rübenach

TSBN | 18 March 2016 The Syrian war is entering its sixth year. Millions of refugees, torn between hope and dispair. Hundreds of thousands of killed people, innocent mostly, victims of a barbaric fight. I have met Syrian refugees in the early stage of this war in the refugee cam Zaatari in Jordan, back in 2012. Read here about one of my many ecounters. The numbers have changed since, the reality stays.